"Perry Twinkle"

$ 140.00

"Perry Twinkle" is elegant and has some attitude!  Her frilly satiny-shimmer petals drip from the stem. Each petal has a light, almost white satiny center surrounded by a muted pink/purple edge. Exploding from her stamen are pale green and yellow filaments creating the effect of fireworks.  

Perry Twinkle's sturdy green stems are placed in brushed silvery metal stem-holders which are sunk into a pool of iridescent gray and clear marbles set in clear glass-like resin.  Her basin is hand made and has an abstract design on top. 

She comes in either a Single Flower basin or a Triple Flower basin. 


Single Flower Basin:  7.5"l x 6.5"w; Tallest Flower height is 17"

Triple Flower Basin:  17"l x 6.5"w; Tallest flower is 19"

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