The Art & Artist

Thank you for taking a look at my creations!

A Little Background

I guess I’m what might be called a “Re-Emerging Artist”.  Since I was 5 years old I knew I wanted to be an artist and my mother signed me up for every sort of creative class at local guilds and studios.  These included: metal work, pottery, oil painting and print making, to name a few.  I went on to study at The Hartford Art School in Connecticut and loved every minute of it. When we’re working on something that we’re innately passionate about, it seems as if time stands still and the act and process of creating becomes a world unto itself.  I’d glance up at the clock in the art school studio, shocked to see that it was 5 am – I had been there all through the night without even realizing it. I consider this to be a gift.  Whether I have ‘talent’ is up to the viewer, but to know one’s passion is the real gift. 

At that time, it seemed that the only way to make a living as an artist was to pursue commercial/graphic arts.  This did not appeal to me but neither did the idea of being a ‘starving artist’.  So… I switched my major to business and marketing with the thought that one day I could use the marketing skills to market my art. We’ll see how that goes (chuckle).  

Now, decades later, it’s good to be back, doing what I love!  While I regret having ‘lost’ so many years, I am humbled and grateful to finally have the chance to create, once again.

About The Art

My Dimensional Art pieces are mixed-media and use: watercolor, acrylics, various mediums, handmade or rice papers, polymer (liquid and/or solid), resin, mica pigments and powders, alcohol inks, metallic glazes, pastels, and sometimes found objects in shallow 3-dimensional designs, decorative bowls and jewelry.

It is my goal to create an effect of bold lightness with a feeling of motion.  I strive to create visual balance and harmony without the aid of true symmetry through the careful placement and use of colors, textures and white space.

Like many artists, my work and process is highly exploratory and experimental.  While I create general sketches prior to starting a piece, much of the end work is the result of responding to the process and allowing the work to evolve from the basic initial sketch.

Let Me Create Something For You or Your Business!

Commissioning art for your home or business isn't as complicated or expensive as it sounds, and in fact, most pricing is consistent with the pricing reflected in my store, depending on the size of the piece.  I'd love to work with you, understand your color schematic or the feeling your striving to create and then create a piece that is uniquely designed for your home or business.  Although I maintain creative freedom, if you like what you're seeing here, I suspect you'll love what I create for you.  Just use the "Contact Kathy" in the bottom right hand corner, send me an e-mail and we can talk about what you're looking for.   I work with both individual buyers and interior designers who are looking for something unique for their clients.  

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy my work and receive as much pleasure viewing it as I did creating it.

Kathy McCurry lives in the NE Ohio area and has studied art at the Hartford Art School in Connecticut, and at numerous studios and guilds in New England, Atlanta, GA and NE Ohio.