"Blue Angel"

$ 580.00

"Blue Angel" is part of the Calla Bella variety and she is like a cool breeze!  The backs of her large, graceful petals show crackly silver metal leaf under bold swirls of blues and greens. She proudly displays her ever-so-pale yellow stamen that is topped with a deep blue crystal. Her blue 'tongue' would catch and drink in the rainwater if she was real. 

Blue Angel's sturdy green stems are placed in brushed silvery metal stem-holders which are sunk into a deep pool of clear glass-like resin.  Just under the surface of the 'water' you can see the twinkle of iridescent glass marbles.  She lives in a sapphire blue metal container rimmed with a touch of gold. Blue Angel's stunning beauty and bold size would look gorgeous anywhere.

Dimensions:  Footprint, 16" x 6"; She stands 23" high at her peak.

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