Fantastical Flowers, Genetic Mutations? May 10, 2018 12:12

My mother had a natural 'green thumb' and under it, everything flourished and bloomed.  Growing up, she planted a Japanese garden around our pond, breaking her wrist in the process but never giving up on it.  She took Japanese flower arranging classes while we were in Tokyo and of course, was an active member of the local Garden Club.  I clearly remember an instance when she found a small branch that had been torn from a tree on the edge of our property during a storm.  I watched her stab the base of the branch into the ground and smile.  Sure enough, that branch grew into a lovely tree within 4-5 years.  She had a gift.

I did NOT get that gene, and if I was really lucky, I could keep a philodendron alive.  ...But I love flowers!  

As I continued to discover all of the versatility of polymer clay and learned more and more about how to manipulate it, I had the notion of creating shallow relief flowers for the Dimensional Art shadowbox collection.  What fun it was to dream up these creations!  Of course, it's impossible to improve upon mother nature, but it is creatively challenging to give it a whirl.  After making a series of shadowbox Fantastical Flowers, it occured to me that perhaps I should go 'off the wall' with the concept and try developing new creations 'in the round'.  

These table top pieces presented entirely new logistical challenges.  After mentally working through solutions to each problem, I gave it a try and have since created numerous Fantastical Flower table top pieces.  What I love about these is that they are a bit more versatile and can enliven a space. I hope the viewer finds them unusual and enjoyable to look at.    

So, while I didn't get my mother's 'green thumb' gene, perhaps I got a mutation of it.  And, I'd like to think that she would love the flowers I've imagineered.  On many days in the studio, I can feel her presence so perhaps she is lending her thumb to my projects.  

Recently, I so enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful and encouraging art supporters that I met at the American Craft Council show in Atlanta!  From that show, I was asked to create a commissioned piece and am delighted that the customer is enjoying her new creation!  Also, April Showers Bring Fantastical Flowers to The Dancing Sheep boutique in Cleveland. For the month of May, my entire garden of botanical creations will be on full display - Please stop by and take a look.