"Rainbow Rosie"

$ 140.00

"Rainbow Rosie" is a bit of a throw-back. Her structured petals drop down from the stem and display a patterned rainbow of colors. Those petals are pinched at the bottom and hold a small glass pearl. Her top is a wild bit of loops and filaments of various colors. 

Rainbow Rosie's green stems are placed in copper stem-holders which emerge from a basin created just for her.  The stem holders are submerged in smooth black river rocks in a clear glass-like resin.  She comes in a triple, double or single flower version.


Triple Flower:  17"l x 6.5"w; tallest flower is 22"h

Double Flower:   13"l x 6.5"w; tallest flower is 19"h

Single Flower: 7.5"l x 6.5"w; flower is 17" high

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