$ 225.00

As with many of my bowl creations, this radiates the warmth of the sun contrasted with the cool freshness of blues and greens.  These are all colors that we find in nature, so it's only natural that they work so well together.  While the main body of the bowl has a rustic texture, the eddies of blue are smooth and translucent - letting light filter through - creating a unique depth and dimensionality to the piece.  

The bowl is created from polymer (liquid and solid) and mica powders and pigments and acrylic paint.  

Please note that since this bowl is made from polymer, it has a bit of flexibility to it (i.e. it's not solid/hard like glass).  This is a characteristic of the material, but for some who are unfamiliar with polymer, it can feel unusual.  The bowl is an art form and is intended for decoration only and should not be used for foods or liquids. 

Dimension:  approx. 12" in diameter and 3" deep;  All bowls come with the Lucite stand so that they can be beautifully displayed in your home.

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