Dimensional Wall Art

Introducing the new "Fantastical Flower" series.  

This new series has been so much fun to dream up my own ideas of flowers.  My mother had a real green thumb, but I didn't get that gene.  So instead, I've imagineered totally new flowers - and they don't require any care or maintenance!  

I started creating dimensional mixed media wall art more than 20 years ago and still love the concept.  Each piece creates a shallow relief that is full of dimensionality and texture.  More importantly, it is my hope that these rather dramatic pieces evoke a positive emotion or engage the viewer.  Most of my work has a sense of fluidity and motion, and the details are fun to look at close up.  Displaying one or more of these pieces will add to the atmosphere of the room, office or business. To learn more details about the piece, its size, etc., simply click on the picture. If there is something you'd like to have designed uniquely for your home or business, please just send me an e-mail.