Wispy Weave

$ 325.00

Wispy Weave feels like it's dancing a little jig.  Its large purple, blue and pink shimmery petals hold a domed pistil with little spikes popping defiantly out of its crown.  All of this sits precariously atop a bent stem - I can almost feel it dancing like a bobble-head doll.  The leaf-basket looks almost woven and has fluttery petal edges.  It's beautiful and yet kind of silly and fun...  It's one Fantastical Flower!

This is shipped in the frame; 13"w x 17"h;  This dimensional wall piece fits beautifully in a foyer, hallway, powder room and is especially lovely when paired with a second "Fantastical Flower".  There is only ONE of these - a totally unique creation.

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