Bora Bora Blues

$ 130.00

Silver shards flow around the edges of this piece like fish scales that shimmer in the light. The bright lime-to-blue background makes this piece feel fresh and watery.  Muted silvery-gray swirls seem to tumble through the center and off the bottom.   Like all in the "Deep Gaze Series", this evokes movement and there is a desire to see into the piece. The light catches on the fluttery-metallic from some angles and is muted from other angles.  This is truly one of a kind.

This pendant measures 3 1/2" from tip to tip and hangs from a simple 18" cable wire that uses a screw clasp to keep it secure.  If you'd prefer a 20" cable wire instead, just drop me an email referencing your order and I'll swap it out before shipping.

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