Judge's Choice! June 10, 2015 13:58

So exciting!  

It's been so wonderful to finally get back into 'making' for the past year.  As you may know, I'm what I call a "Re-Emerging" artist after decades of being on hiatus from my real passion.  After so many years away, I felt like Rip Van Winkle.  Since I last submerged myself in art, so many new products, techniques, ways of learning, materials and mediums have come onto the scene.  Everywhere I've turned there has been another 'shiny object' to try to steal my attention.  And because of this, the learning curve has been quite steep.  Every day I wonder, "How do artists use that?  What do I do with this?  Oh, this is cool!  But will it work with these other materials?"  It's been thrilling, but a bit overwhelming at the same time.  All of these new discoveries (okay, they're probably only 'new' to me) has turned my 'old' process upside down - in a good way.    

So, I've been busily soaking up information like a sponge, experimenting, exploring, building my 'portfolio', finding my voice and finding new ways to work.  As you might guess, artists generally work in isolation.  Now that's not to say that there isn't plenty of company we keep in our own heads, but to others, we appear to be working alone.  And, since art is totally subjective, there is no way to know if what I'm creating is good or unique or intriguing.  I mean, I like my work, but... will other people?  

And so it was with great trepidation, and excitement, that I attended my first juried art festival.  I had put together my booth, displays, signage, etc., piled it into a mini-van and with the generous help of my sister's friend, set my work out for display.  In public!  Where the multitudes can look at it!  Inside, I was jittering like the Mad Hatter.  When the judges came around, imagine my surprise and delight to have my work selected as "Judge's Choice"!   That honor, combined with the incredible feedback from the festival goers made me feel that maybe, just maybe, the 5 year old me (mini-me) who knew what she wanted to be, might have been more insightful than I gave her credit for.   So, I'd like to extend a special "Thank you" to those who attended the Shrimp Festival in Fernandina Beach and took the time to visit my booth.  You instilled the courage to continue and the inkling that I just might be on the right track.