Wave Embrace

$ 450.00

The dance that these waves engage in, of course, wouldn't be found occurring in the ocean since they are going in opposite directions.  Instead, in my imagination, they meet and embrace, bringing the continents of the world together in a peaceful and fluid motion.  Since I have embarked on creating art, I have met and made friends with other artists from all over the world.  We have come together in a shared interest and love for what we do and we encourage each other - regardless of language barriers.  The sun emits a warm, shimmery glow over this unity.  There is shared energy and peace.  This is one of my favorite pieces. 

This is a dimensional mixed-media wall piece that integrates watercolors, acrylic paints, polymer, metallic glazes and mica powders and pigments.  I conceive, design and make all of the individual elements, create the watercolor texture that runs across the back and construct the piece. The water color wash uses some metallic pigments to create a subtle shimmer from certain angles.  

The second, more close-up photo, was taken before the piece was framed and provides a better depiction of the wave detail and the background. I take photos of the elements during the process of creation and will use those to help you see the details of the piece where necessary since it's difficult to photograph a shadowbox piece that is behind glass. 

This piece measures about 18"w x 22"h and about 3" deep.  It comes framed and ready to hang.  



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